As a socially responsible company, DRI once again in 2018 financially supported the implementation of numerous professional events in the field in which it operates, as follows: 40th Assembly of the Slovenian Society of Construction Designers; 19th Lujo Šuklje Day; 14th Slovenian Road and Transportation Congress; 4th SiBIM Professional Conference titled "Welcome, future!"; 3rd Serbian Road Congress; 18th International Conference on Transport Science; Consultation on the Third Development Axis titled "Is it finally underway now?"; BIM Forum 2018; 25th Slovenian Colloquium on Concrete and the Expert Consultation titled "Modern Transport Infrastructure, an Opportunity for Strong Economic Development of North-East Slovenia". The company also supported the publication of a manual on concrete published by the Concrete Association of Slovenia.

24. 12. 2018


As the largest consulting engineering company in Slovenia and a member of the National Association of Consulting Engineers of Slovenia at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, DRI has significantly contributed to the establishment of the Academy on Construction Investments, which aims to train personnel for quality work in the field of construction projects, and also helped in the organisation of the first Academy which took place in September of this year.

24. 12. 2018

Exhibition of design solutions for two bridges across the Krka river in Novo mesto

Today, an exhibition of design solutions  was opened in Mirana Jarca Library in Novo mesto. It shows design options for acquiring the most favourable solution from the architectural, landscape and urban aspect for a bridge on the new four-lane road and a parallel bridge for pedestrians and cyclists across the Krka river on the new road between A2 Ljubljana-Obrežje near Novo mesto and Maline junction.

13. 09. 2018

DRI will monitor the Performance of Road Rehabilitation and Safety Project in Serbia

DRI in a joint venture with the Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK and with a sub-contractor Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZAG concluded a contract for consulting services with Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia.

21. 08. 2018

DRI supported the publication of the manual for concrete

DRI financially supported the issuing of a manual for concrete published in May by the Concrete Association of Slovenia. The manual subtitled "Planning and production of concrete" relates to two basic standards, the requirements and provisions which are to be taken into consideration when designing concrete structures, preparing concrete or monitoring and testing fresh and hardened concrete.

01. 06. 2018

DRI hosted a regular meeting of long tunnel project directors

From 24–25 May 2018, DRI hosted a regular spring meeting of long tunnel project directors. The group whose main goal is the exchange of experience and the transfer of good practices in the implementation of railway tunnel projects was joined by Slovenia last year.

25. 05. 2018

DRI participated at the 13 th international conference "Road safety in local communities" 23/ 4/ 2018

DRI again participated in the international conference on road safety in local communities, held 18-21 April at Kopaonik, Serbia.

25. 04. 2018

Government adopts a six-year plan for investments in transport and transport infrastructure

At its 174th regular session on 29 March 2018, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the plan for investments in transport and transport infrastructure for the period 2018–2023 prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure with the cooperation of DRI. This is the first of the six-year investment plans to be prepared annually, as foreseen in the Resolution on the National Program for the Development of Transport in the Republic of Slovenia until 2030. The plan will make it easier for investment providers to implement their investments and above all ensure stability in the field of investments in transport and transport infrastructure.

03. 04. 2018 News

Two contracts concluded with the Municipality of Medvode

On 20 March 2018, DRI Investment Management Ltd. concluded in a joint venture with Elitbau d.o.o. a contract with the Municipality of Medvode for the implementation of expert supervision and coordination in the reconstruction of the public water supply system, the construction of a rainwater sewer system and the reconstruction of the road Vikrče – Tacen.

20. 03. 2018 News

Meeting of DRI scholarship holders

On Tuesday, 6 March 2018, a meeting of scholarship holders with mentors and representatives of the company's management took place at DRI on the basis of the call for company scholarships for the year 2017/2018. DRI acquired ten new scholarship holders, students of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana and the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture of the University of Maribor.

06. 03. 2018 News