Social responsibility

The company DRI Investment Management Ltd. is aware of the responsibility towards the social environment in which we live and work. Therefore, a socially responsible conduct is one of the basic principles of operation of our company.

According to our basic activity, we particularly support development and operation of the following institutions, projects and events:

  • Professional,
  • Educational,
  • Humanitarian,
  • Sporting and
  • Cultural events and activities.

Sponsorships and donations to the satisfaction of all those involved and of the broader community are transforming into joint cooperation, while at the same time they expand the awareness of common values.

Because of our cooperation, it was easier for many athletes to achieve their goals, while we helped artists and cultural workers to realise important and interesting projects. Our constant efforts are directed in the support of many humanitarian actions. With understanding for the youngest and the weakest, we contribute small but important pieces in the mosaic of their happiness. Therefore, we shall take care of the wellbeing of our social environment also in the future.