Due to the identified synergistic effects of professional and business cooperation, especially in the field of research work, technological development, applications and the implementation of highly demanding professional tasks in the construction industry, in December 2016, DRI acquired 100% share ownership of the company Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK, d.o.o.


DRI Investment Management, Company for the Development of Infrastructure Ltd. was created by transforming the status of the company DDC Consulting & Engineering Ltd., based on the decision of its owner the Republic of Slovenia, to establish a so-called national engineering firm for national needs and the interests of ministries which will, as an internal (in-house) provider, perform services of investment engineering, management of investments into public infrastructure and other consulting services for the entities of public law.


According to the new business goals, the Engineering Company for Public Roads was in December 2002 renamed DDC Consulting & Engineering, Company for consulting and engineering Ltd. In addition to the field of road infrastructure, which represented the main service, the company also focused on the field of border crossings, railway, water and public utility infrastructure and buildings. In this period, the company rich in knowledge and experience also started to intensively focus on foreign markets.


The company began operation on 1 July 1994 under the name Engineering Company for Public Roads Ltd. as a legal successor of the socially owned company Road Engineering, which was transformed by the Government of the RS on 1 February of the same year into a limited liability company on the basis of the Transformation Act. It was mostly established in order to provide professional support for the construction of motorways, while it also provided engineering and consulting services in the management of the remaining national road network.


Road Engineering, the legal predecessor of the former DDC Consulting & Engineering Ltd. was established in May 1987 as a socially owned company. Initially, in addition to providing engineering services it was authorised as the investor for the construction and reconstruction of roads and road structures, while subsequently, it performed professional services for the investor, the National Roads Authority.


The first conceptions of engineering for civil constructions in Slovenia date back to 1968, when the first investment program for the construction of motorways was created and covered all new motorways as well as evaluated, designated, named and spatially justified them.