Jurij Kač

General Manager
T: 01 30 68 112
F: 01 30 68 101
E: jure.kac@dri.si


Jurij Kač, born in 1972 in Kranj, acquired his university degree in Economics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana.

In his business career he has gained experience in several responsible and leading positions. Notably, for eleven years in total he served as a consultant to four presidents of Slovenian governments and independently managed some of the most demanding government projects in the fields of transport, energy, development, environment and national space.  

As a consultant to the management board or deputy director, he worked for four years with the management boards of DARS d.d. There he played a key role in the reorganization of the company and the optimization of business processes after the incorporation of the Company for Motorway Management and Maintenance Ltd. and in concluding a concession contract and so-called contract of mandate with the state. Before taking over the management of DRI Investment Management Ltd. he worked in the management and the sales departments of the company.

He joined the company DRI Investment Management Ltd. in 2011, and in October 2013, he was appointed General Manager. In his work, he seeks to develop and strengthen the systemic role of the company DRI Investment Management Ltd. as a so-called internal provider in the field of consulting engineering for the state and its bodies.

Tadej Veber

Management Member
T: 01 30 68 112
F: 01 30 68 101
E: tadej.veber@dri.si

Tadej Veber, born in 1970, holds a university degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana. He is distinguished by fifteen years of experience in the field of design, implementation and supervising of structures and management. 

After graduation, he was employed as a designer in one of the leading Slovenian design offices where he co-created, among other things, the most important infrastructure structures carried out within the framework of the National Motorway Construction Programme in Slovenia. In the continuation of his career as a member of the management board responsible for strategic investments, he participated in the planning, organization and management of numerous infrastructure projects in Slovenia. During this time, he also performed key tasks in the field of development of strategic investments and in marketing and sales on foreign markets. 

On account of his knowledge and experience, for the last ten years, he held an advisory role for strategic investments to the Minister of Culture and as an adviser in the Cabinet of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning – in the realization of several national infrastructure projects.

Since assuming the position of the Management Member of DRI Investment Management Ltd. in February 2013, he is responsible for the technical field within which the company conducts consulting and engineering services for railway, road, public utility, water and other projects.