The company is aware that only professionally qualified, creative and motivated employees, prepared for continuous challenges can provide a successful businesses operation in this ever more competitive and continuously changing environment.

Knowledge, skill, experience and creativity of employees co-create our competitive advantage and represent our development potential. Almost two thirds of our employees are experts with the university education. Most of the employees are civil engineers, followed by lawyers, economists and experts from other fields.

The systematic care for the quality selection of employees, their personal and professional development and further education and training enables us to achieve the set goals, while the employees have the opportunity to put their skills and knowledge to use and to increase their qualifications and efficiency.

By realisation of projects, we, the employees continuously contribute to the development of the branch, while at the same time we are engaged in numerous activities outside the company, such as scientific-research work, preparation of expert bases for the legislation, technical specifications, standards, instructions and guidelines, development of technologies and systematic solutions.

Besides the close cooperation with the Universities of Ljubljana and Maribor, particularly with faculties of civil engineering, we are also actively included in the work of different business, professional and civic associations, endeavouring for the development of the profession.