DRI Investment Management Ltd. is the largest consulting and engineering company in Slovenia, whose experiences and know-how are based on numerous successfully concluded projects in the field of infrastructure construction.

In the past two decades, DRI has under different names proved its reputation as a professional, responsible and faithful partner in managing different investments in Slovenia and abroad.

A coordinated team of civil and other engineers, legal experts, economists and specialists from other fields offer the best technical solutions through a multidisciplinary approach to clients’ requirements and by taking into account the highest professional standards, ethics, quality and responsibility.

Since April 2011, the company has operated under the name DRI Investment Management, Company for the Development of Infrastructure. The owner, the Republic of Slovenia established it by transforming the status of the former company with the aim of providing to entities governed by public law, as an internal provider, the services of investment engineering, management of investments in public infrastructure and other consulting services according to the so-called "in-house" contract model.

Fields of operation:

  • railway infrastructure
  • road infrastructure
  • public utility and water infrastructure
  • buildings
  • transport