13. 09. 2018

Today, an exhibition of design solutions  was opened in Mirana Jarca Library in Novo mesto. It shows design options for acquiring the most favourable solution from the architectural, landscape and urban aspect for a bridge on the new four-lane road and a parallel bridge for pedestrians and cyclists across the Krka river on the new road between A2 Ljubljana-Obrežje near Novo mesto and Maline junction.

In the scope of consulting and engineering services on the project Third Development Axis, DRI participated in the preparation of the open call documentation for the production of design for the bridge over the Krka river on the new four-lane road and bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. Three design solution had been submitted and were evaluated according to the selected criteria.

The awarded solution best tackles the issue of the area along the river from the visual aspect and purpose wise, and it nicely fits to a wider area on both banks by introducing green and recreational spaces under the bridge and alongside the local road. Upon completion of the open call, the opening of bids and negotiations with the most favourable bidder for the design of the two bridges were carried out.

The implementation of public design competition had been envisaged for both bridges over the  Krka river in accordance with the Decree on the National Spatial Plan. The selected solution is now the basis for the production of design documentation for obtaining a building permit and for the implementation.

DRI, within the framework of consulting and engineering services performed for Slovenian Infrastructure Agency, also participates in the preparation of a public design competition to obtain the most favourable solution for the bridge across the Krka river, which is planned on the western Novo mesto bypass road.