20. 03. 2018

On 20 March 2018, DRI Investment Management Ltd. concluded in a joint venture with Elitbau d.o.o. a contract with the Municipality of Medvode for the implementation of expert supervision and coordination in the reconstruction of the public water supply system, the construction of a rainwater sewer system and the reconstruction of the road Vikrče – Tacen.

The works are carried out simultaneously with the project “Waste water discharging and treatment in the area of the Ljubljansko polje aquifer – part 1: The upgrading of the system for discharging municipal waste water in the municipalities of Medvode and Vodice and the construction of the connecting channel C0 in the municipality of Ljubljana”.

The project involves the building of a 24+ kilometre long sewage network in the settlements of Verje, Zgornje in Spodnje Pirniče, Vikrče, Medvode, Preska, Ladja, Goričane, Vaše and Rakovnik along with two waste water pumping stations.