25. 05. 2018

From 24–25 May 2018, DRI hosted a regular spring meeting of long tunnel project directors. The group whose main goal is the exchange of experience and the transfer of good practices in the implementation of railway tunnel projects was joined by Slovenia last year.

The group, headed by Dr. Konrad Bergmeister, the managing director of company Brenner Basistunnel BBT SE, includes members from Switzerland (the Gotthard and Ceneri tunnels), Germany (Weiblingen–Ulm, Stuttgart 21), Norway (Follo Line Project), Latvia (Rail Baltica), Israel (Red Line Tel Aviv), Italy and France (Lyon–Torino).

Together with representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the companies 2TDK d.o.o. and ELEA iC d.o.o, we presented to the meeting participants the Second track of the Divača–Koper railway line project, other major railway projects in Slovenia and the Second tube of Karavanke motorway tunnel project.

The present task of the group is to create a document which will address the general approaches to cost assessment, risk management, control and reporting as well as detailed analyses of individual projects.