09. 05. 2023

The DRI 2023 brochure has been released in Slovenian and English, presenting projects in which DRI has collaborated or is still collaborating with clients in Slovenia and in the markets of Southeast Europe. Specifically, we have selected 45 completed and 31 current projects in the fields of road, railway, public utility and water infrastructure, as well as buildings, providing a comprehensive insight into two decades of our work and expertise, encompassing a breadth of experience and reflecting the trust of both public and private clients.

The brochure content is divided into two parts. The first part provides a brief introduction to the DRI company and the fields in which we operate, our mission, vision and values, the scope of consulting and engineering services we provide in the market or as an in-house contractor for the state. This is followed by a presentation of the organisation and employees who, with their knowledge, skills, creativity and experience, co-create competitive advantage and represent the developmental potential of the company, as well as collaboration in foreign markets and social responsibility and sustainable development.

In the second part, which is more extensive and visually interesting, 45 completed and 31 current projects are presented, each with a photo and a brief description, the name of the client, and the characteristic or unique feature of the project. You can view the Slovenian and English brochure on our website.