22. 08. 2012

DRI has successfully implemented supervision of the bridge over the Ljubljanica river and Njegoševa road between Roška and Zaloška road. The investor of the project was the city of Ljubljana.

The project of inner Ljubljana belt connects roads and streets with three and four lanes.  The new Fabiani bridge between Roška and Njegoševa road is the main part of the belt.

The bridge consists of two decks, the upper is intended for vehicle traffic and the lower for pedestrians and cyclists. The upper deck is intended for vehicle traffic, running on two lanes in each direction. The lower deck connects the embankment paths along the Ljubljanica river. 

On the southern side of the structure, there is an access to the lower deck for persons with mobility impairment, for pedestrian and cyclists. There are staircases on both sides of the bridge and an elevator on the east side.