19. 12. 2023

At the beginning of December, the 19th colloquium on Asphalt, Bitumen, and Pavements took place in Bled. At the event, Mitja Jurgele, the head of the Infrastructure Management Service in the Project Technical Support Sector, received a special recognition for his outstanding contribution to the development of the asphalt industry.

Mitja Jurgele graduated and obtained his master's degree from the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering in Ljubljana. He is involved in the development of asset management systems, organizing and monitoring quality control in the construction of infrastructure objects. He is the author of numerous professional papers presented at conferences both in Slovenia and abroad. In Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association, he has participated as a lecturer in various educational programs, in the preparation of professional reports and publications for ZAS, and in the book Asphalts 3.

Mitja Jurgele is not only a disseminator of his extensive knowledge but also an enthusiastic researcher in the field. All these qualities make his contribution to the development of technologies for monitoring road usage and construction highly valuable.