25. 01. 2024

In the strong international competition, DRI, as part of a consortium, was selected to provide technical assistance to the public company Public Company Putevi Srbije in maintaining and improving the system for project procurement. The leading partner is IRD Engineering from Italy, with DRI joined by VZB Capital & Advisory LLC from Serbia and IRD Engineering LLC from Serbia as members of the consortium. The contract's value, negotiated on behalf of the Republic of Serbia by the European Commission, amounts to over 3 million euros.

The contract's scope involves providing technical assistance to the Public Company Putevi Srbije in establishing and implementing effective comprehensive management and maintenance of the transportation infrastructure of highways and national roads.

Over the course of 36 months, a team of experts, including collaborators from the Department for Bridges, Concrete Works and Equipment, Traffic Engineering Department, Infrastructure Management Department, and Traffic Planning Department of DRI, will develop a methodology for planning multi-year funding based on maintenance results. They will also draft regulations with technical specifications for maintaining the national road network, improve standard tender documents for road maintenance contracts based on results, further develop the road management system within the service level agreements for first-category national roads, and transfer knowledge to relevant stakeholders.