07. 02. 2012

DRI upravljanje investicij, d.o.o. has been selected as the highest bidder for consultancy to Croatian bodies in the field of transport in identification, assessment and preparation of IPA (Pre-Accession Instrument of the European Union) projects in joint appearance with the Hungarian consultancy Balcon Company and Croatian local partner Mikroprojekt Company.

Assignments with a deadline of 16 months include above all:

  • Training of Croatian bodies within transport and financial ministries for drawing EU resources from the Pre-Accession Instrument (IPA),
  • Cooperation in preparation of projects in the field of railways (railway infrastructure modernisation) and maritime (shipping lanes, ports) affairs,
  • Designing of methodologies, instructions and contents of documentations to prepare projects,
  • Trainings (»on the job« trainings, seminars …), good practice and proficiencies from the same type fields transfer to the neighbouring country.

Within the contract in the value of 549,200 EUR, DRI will be entrusted the economics projects field.

By this contract award, whereby experience and knowledge from such type projects in Slovenia will be very applicable and welcome, our Company also strengthens its position in foreign markets.