30. 07. 2015

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia at its yesterday's session adopted the Transport Development Strategy in the Republic of Slovenia, of which DRI was the main drafter.

This is a strategic document, defining future measures on the area of road, railway, air and maritime transport, including public transport and measures for obtaining sustainable mobility. The Strategy thus includes 29 measures for railways, 37 for roads, 22 for public passenger transport and sustainable mobility, 14 for water transport (maritime and inland waterways) and 6 measures for aviation.

When preparing the Strategy, we pursued two main goals - to prepare expert bases for the operational drawing of EU funds and to select adequate priorities. Furthermore, we wanted to produce a strategic document reflecting a long-term development vision.

The basic guideline during the preparation of the document was the consideration of real needs, i.e. the sustainable development of transport infrastructure. With the Strategy we made a shift from the traditional object approach (what can we build?) to the problem-solving approach (how can we solve problems in the most efficient and sustainable way and thus contribute to the economic growth and the social acceptability of transport?).

The adoption of the strategy with the adopted environmental report will be followed by an operational plan defining detailed activities, financial sources, responsible entities and the time schedule for the implementation of measures.