19. 01. 2023

On 10 January, a symposium on the Future Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) was organised by DRI with the help of the International Union of Railways UIC.

The presentations prepared by representatives of UIC, ERA, AKOS and the industry were an excellent starting point for discussion and exchange of opinions between the participants from DRSI, SŽ Infrastructure, the Government Office for Information Security, the University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering), Hungarian Railways, Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Railway Transport and DRI.

The radio communication system FRMCS, which is the successor to the existing GSM-R system, will become a key system in the railway environment in the following years, and will be the basis for the introduction of modern technological solutions for traffic management and services in passenger and freight transport.

In the establishment of the GSM-R system, one of the largest and most technologically demanding projects on the Slovenian railway network, DRI also participated as an engineering service provider.

The main works included the implementation of more than 1200 kilometres of optical and energy cable connections along the entire public railway infrastructure and the construction of a transmission network with a synchronous digital hierarchy with active and passive communication equipment. 244 base stations and 112 repeaters transmitting and receiving stations covering the entire network were constructed, including tunnels and other remote areas. The project also included the arrangement of 134 telecommunications facilities, the supply and installation of a dispatch system, which includes 215 units, and the installation of a central system at the central station Ljubljana.