15. 07. 2015

DRI signed at the beginning of July 2015 with the Slovenian Maritime Administration, a body affiliated to the Ministry of Infrastructure, a contract for supervision of the deepening the navigable channel leading to Basin I of the Port of Koper from –14.7 to –15 metres.

The projects includes the deepening of the navigable channel leading to Basin 1, in the area north of the Koper marina, which is around 1,500 metres long and 150 metres wide, while the envisaged volume of excavated material is 15,000 m³. The deepening will be conducted by dredging from a hopper dredger.

In addition to the deepening of the access channel, the works also include preparation of a transitional drainage landfill, transport of the excavated and drained material to the cassette of the future truck terminal, preparation of the cassette (entrances and exits, raising of embankments and construction of additional access paths) and production of hydrographic images.