06. 02. 2012

On 6 February, a conference entitled Multimodal Infrastructure for the Future was held in the European Parliament: TEN-T in Slovenia and Outside its Borders.

At the event organised by the European MEP Tanja Fajon, representatives of the Slovene Ministry of Transport, namely DRI, PNZ and Port of Koper presented the importance of Pan-European transport corridors through our country in the light of the anticipated central TEN-T transport network financing audit. Mr. Gregor Pretnar from PNZ presented the conference participants the results of the »Advantages of transport corridors running through Slovenia referring to competitive corridors« study commissioned by the Ministry of Transport and Government Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy and jointly elaborated by DRI and PNZ.

Representatives of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Požar from the Slovene Ministry of Transport, Sebastjan Šik from the Port of Koper, Tomaž Košič, M.Sc., Head of the Investment Sector at DRI, and Gregor Pretnar from PNZ who presented the study on competitiveness of transport corridors through Slovenia, drew attention in a discussion to the importance of Pan-European transport corridors V and X (Venice - Trieste/Koper - Ljubljana - Budapest - Kiev), which represented the best and shortest connection between south-eastern and eastern Europe. "There is about the backbone of the system, which integrates commercial and logistic structures and directly affects 20 European regions" additionally pointed out the event organiser.

At DRI, we greet the initiative of the Ministry of Transport and European MEP, as such a support to Slovene railway projects in the European Parliament is necessary in recognising Slovenia and its central location as a key part in the future TEN-T network, which should be allowed for in identification of projects in the European interest.