20. 04. 2020

Today, a contract was concluded between DRI and 2TDK for "Supervision services and health and safety coordination during the construction of bridging structures across the Glinščica valley for the second track of the Divača - Koper railway line."

Pursuant to the contract, DRI's responsibilities include the supervision of construction, coordination of health and safety, monitoring of external quality control, reviewing and approving the executive design and other technical documentation. DRI will take part in inspection visits, as well as in taking-over and handing-over of constructed structures for operation and maintenance.

According to the contract administrator, Robert Oblak MSc, the contractor will be introduced into work in the coming days. The consortium (Markomark Nival, Nival Invest and Ekorel) must produce the executive design within four months, followed by fieldwork, the construction of two bridges and a gallery across the valley of the Glinščica stream. According to the time schedule, the construction of structures worth EUR 8.5 million will start in August this year and will be finished at the end of November next year.

Based on successfully obtained European funds, to which DRI also contributed significantly in the application process, the project will be co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) up to 85% of the eligible costs.

In order to ensure effective ventilation in tunnels T1 and T2, all the structures (tunnels, bridges and the gallery) will be constructed as a single tunnel structure.  Bridges Glinščica 1and Glinščica 2 (in the shape of a closed box structure) will be connected to T1 and T2 tunnels with the galleries. The bridges are designed as pre-stressed simply supported structures of a closed box-section with one clearance span each. They will be connected by the gallery of Glinščica of the same cross-section.

The Glinščica valley will be bridged by three connected structures with a total length of 219 m. Thus, the impact of rail transport on the sensitive environment of the protected area of the Glinščica valley will be limited to the greatest possible degree.